Our Programs

At SGM Little KiDZ Centre, the curriculum is driven by a set of learning outcomes that are appropriate and sequential within each respective age group ranging from 2 months to 6 years.

There will be a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that constitute both the structured and experiential learning approach scheduled for the day. Learning is primarily through play (hands-on experiences), facilitation from adults and collaboration with peers. We adamantly believe that children grow and develop through play. Different types of play nurture different types of development in young children for instance in social and emotional, intellectual, cognitive, and physical aspects

Our Curriculum

We offers a comprehensive approach to moulding characters and enhancing children’s knowledge. Our curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the child and to optimise every individual’s potential. Correspondingly, we adopt a thematic- base curriculum which focuses on integrated and interactive learning.

The curriculum is characterized by:

Aesthetic and Creative Expression


Environmental Awareness

Language and Literacy


Motor Skills Development



Self and social Awareness